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Sunday March 24th to Sunday April 7th 2024

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  • What are the current deadlines for events?

Event applications and enquiries:
We are now open for all event enquries and applications, and e-mail is being checked regularly to ensure we can reply promptly, and accomodate as many events as we can. Additionally, on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm, Darren (admin / first point of contact) is available in person at Stockport Music Project, St Mary's Halls, South Reddish (google maps). If you'd like to come in and discuss how we can work together over a cuppa, an e-mail would be appreciated so we can arrange a meeting.

Event confirmation deadline:
We asked for all events to be confirmed, with your publicity and event information recieved for 'final publicity push' by
FRIDAY MARCH 8th. Some events are still to be recieved so whilst we will now go full on with publicity, we will still look to include events as we recieve them.

Invoice deadlines:
Those who are recieving funding support can send us their invoice by e-mail, once they have recieved our final event / agreement confirmation. We will endeavour to pay your invoice as soon as the event has taken place, but please allow us until SUNDAY APRIL 28th to make sure we have settled all agreements.


  • What exactly is 'Spotlight On Reddish'?

A number of community organisations are active in Reddish, and with improvements always in mind, one or two people have been actively inspiring a wider community approach to putting Reddish 'on the map' so to speak.

One event that has shown how we can work together in Reddish is the annual Reddfest one day live music and market event in Houldsworth Square, and the success of this event is a catalyst for 'Spotlight'.

With the availability of a small amount of surplus 'levelling up' funding available for organisations in Reddish to apply for via Stockport Council, a series of informal meetings lead to Stockport Music Project applying to draw some funding down, and invest it in a two week community 'festival' to highlight community organisations, their events and activities.

And here we are, a successful application and the very first 'Spotlight on Reddish'.

We do of course hope it will be the first of many, but this will depend on the positive response of our local community which we hope will then inspire potential funders to enable us to achieve positive outcomes in future years.

  • If we wish to take part, volunteer to help out, have events taking place or simply wish to make an enquiry, what is the best way to make contact?

First and foremost, we welcome all enquiries and would absolutely love to meet you at any of these events. We will endeavour to answer all enquiries we can promptly in the run-up to the advertised event, we are contactable by e-mail and although we have social networks, e-mail is recommended as it is the most accessible.

Then there are Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm when Darren (admin / first point of contact) is available in person at Stockport Music Project, St Mary's Halls, South Reddish (google maps). If you'd like to come in and discuss how we can work together over a cuppa, an e-mail would be appreciated so we can arrange a meeting.

  • What kind of events and activities will be in the final programme?

Our programme is very much in the hands of our community and specifically, creative individuals, event organisers and the organisations / projects they work with. Although it’s very early days, we already have a number of events advertised with the programme being updated regularly.

We welcome ideas and initiatives, in particular from groups and individuals who are interested in taking part and delivering something by way of an event or activity.

Please note this is not limited to community organisations ... we welcome the inclusion of local businesses who feel they have something, events, special offers and deals etc, that benefit our local community.

  • How are you supporting those who are organising events?

We look to invest in logistical support that enables event organisers to deliver professional, well publicised events. This can be promotional support, sound equipment, help securing a venue, catering etc.

In terms of how this equates to financial support, our funds are limited, we are very much an 'early days' project which means we can't do all we'd like to, however with a well thought out idea and professional approach we feel we can enable those who work with us to achieve positive outcomes from their events.

The more we get to know our event organisers, the better placed we will be to support them.

  • Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes absolutely, thanks for asking!

Please do drop us an e-mail, we'll reply promptly and look to find you something to do that you'll enjoy!

  • Policies and Other Information

An FAQ like this won't cover everything so here's a few additional snippets:

Safeguarding and Privacy Policies
All organisations drawing public funds will have a number of policies, businesses will have licences, standards and certification etc. If you have any enquiries and concerns with regards to any of the events signposted here, please first and foremost refer to the venue / event organiser. If any concerns are not managed to your satisfaction, please feel free to contact us by e-mail preferably and we'll see if we can help to find a resolution, through advice or signposting to a relvent authority.

Safety and Responsibility
We are aware that in some instances, young persons and / or vulnerable people will be attending events. Please do ensure your personal safety, the safety of people you know and / or are responsble for when travelling to and from, and attending these events. This includes notifying event organisers where relevent of for example, health issues, disabilities, medications etc.

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Spotlight On Reddish is co-ordinated by Stockport Music Project. Our website and policies can be found at Our address is: Stockport Music Project, St Mary's Halls, St Mary's Drive, Stockport SK5 7AX. Our intention is to be transparent with our ideas and activities, and to reply to enquiries promptly when these are presented clearly by e-mail.


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