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Sunday March 24th to Sunday April 7th 2024

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Thank You :-)

DarrenIf you've sent us e-mail or submitted an event form, thank you, we'll be in touch soon.

If you'd like to make a suggested £5 donation towards event costs at any of these events, our event providers truly appreciate your support and kindness.

Please do help us spread the word and share our events via your e-mail, socials and conversations.

Our website at has up to information, e-mail and social network links.

See you soon in Reddish,
Darren Poyzer :-)

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Spotlight On Reddish is co-ordinated by Stockport Music Project. Our website and policies can be found at Our address is: Stockport Music Project, St Mary's Halls, St Mary's Drive, Stockport SK5 7AX. Our intention is to be transparent with our ideas and activities, and to reply to enquiries promptly when these are presented clearly by e-mail.


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